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Birth Mother

If you're about to become a surrogate, or if you're considering using a surrogate in order to have a baby, thereby making you the intended parents, be sure to hire a qualified attorney. You are about to enter into what is perhaps one of the most important contracts you will ever make and only a lawyer can ensure that the entire process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you want to avoid stress and heartache, you need to make sure that the entire process is carried out by a legal professional. In Buffalo Grove, IL, Northbrook, Elmhurst, and other local areas, contact us. We are Adoption Attorney Illinois.

As intended parents, you may have very specific rules for your surrogate. Letting us write up a contract to ensure these requests are clearly understood is the best way to move forth in this process. The surrogate may also have requests that she would like to make. She may want to spend a few minutes with the baby, or she may request a short visit with the family once the baby is born. You may want to request that your surrogate avoid caffeine, tuna fish, or deli meat.

There are so many things to consider when you enter into this type of arrangement, and we are here to help you through each and every one. We are the office with a heart. We care about every client that walks through our doors and we strive to always do our very best for you. We know that adoption and surrogacy are emotional issues, and we understand this. We have compassion for all involved.

Contact us to help you through your private adoption. Whether you're the adoptive parents or the birth mother, we can see to it that your needs are met and that your best interests are met. If you're a birth mother who has requests, we can write that up for you and submit it. If you're a surrogate who wants to ensure that they are well represented, or the intended parents who need their needs met, we are here.

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