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Adult Adoption

Here at Adoption Attorney Illinois, we can handle all of your legal needs when it comes to adoption. We have been helping families in Elmhurst, IL, Chicago, Buffalo Grove, and other areas of Illinois for years. We have a knowledgeable, compassionate staff on hand to guide you through the adoption process. We understand the law and how it pertains to your situation.

We have experience helping surrogates, intended parents, birth mothers and those who are adopting a child through private adoption. We can help you set up clear boundaries that help both parties navigate life after adoptions. We also handle related adoptions, where a step-parent wants to adopt a step-child, or an aunt or uncle wants to provide a permanent home for nieces or nephews. Our goal is always to help families come together. Related adoptions are just one of our specialties.

We have also seen a rise in adult adoptions. You may not be aware of the fact that it is possible to adopt an adult, but adult adoptions happen often. If you are a foster parent, whose foster child has reached adulthood, you may want to adopt him or her, and the law allows you to do this. If there is an adult that you are close to, who you may want to leave your estate to, you might consider adopting them in order to make the inheritance process easier. These are just a couple of reasons why you might want to look into adopting an adult. If you have other reasons, we will be happy to discuss them with you. Just give us a call.

When you need adoption advice and help, we are the firm to call. We handle all manner of adoptions in a safe, secure and caring manner. We truly look forward to guiding you through the process.

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